First Chorus from “Gesualdo”

By Shane Devine "Vesuvius from Portici" by Thomas Wright, 1774-1776. Credit: Art collection of the Huntington Library in Pasadena, CA. (This is the first chorus section from my play "Gesualdo." The story of the Baglioni family can be found in Jacob Burckhardt's The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy, p. 20-24 in the Modern Library … Continue reading First Chorus from “Gesualdo”

The Art of Poetry (an Ars Poetica)

By Shane Devine Written June 2016 Marble relief with a dancing maenad. Adaptation of work attributed to Kallimachos, ca. 27 B.C. - A.D. 14. Credit: Fletcher Fund, 1935. “I can say what I want in a whisper,” he said This to me in a dream; it was Sallust the crisp, The robust and annihilate writer … Continue reading The Art of Poetry (an Ars Poetica)

Hymn to Apollo

By Shane Devine "The father of Psyche sacrificing at the Temple of Apollo" by Claude Lorrain, 1663 O god of Sun! We call your busy rays,Perfecting Earth on Spring's sublime debut,Upon this lawn of land within the gazeOf marble thick and bold portraying You.We gather strong and healthy oxen babes,Who praise your brill'iance for the … Continue reading Hymn to Apollo


By Shane Devine Written March 2015 Statue of Dionysus. Marble, 2nd century CE (arms and legs were heavily restored in the 18th century), found in Italy The sun gives life to dewdrop'd grass. Reflection off the morning bay Illumes the temple's colored glass To bathe us for the coming day. Upon the altar lies the thing; Sparks … Continue reading Dithyramb